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Boost Your Social Media Success with Loomly Media Planner

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Today, we are talking about Loomly; a fantastic social media planning app which connects with many social media platforms. Using social media planners helps you keep track of what you are posting, where, how and when. By keeping organised, you are improving the social media presence and trust with your clients.

Key reasons why we suggest using Loomly social media planner over manually posting:

Time saver

Believe it or not, if you block out one day per month where you focus a few hours on creating content and posts for the following month, it actually will save you time. How? Well, as opposed to constantly opening Canva and trying to think out a post everyday - blocking out time allows for you to get into the groove of things and plan all of your content out for the month at the same time when you create and schedule it. The app will allow you to stimutaniously post to multiple platforms from one post in the application; further saving time. Imagine having to constantly open every app and post these individually!

Ensuring consistent posting

Busy day, busy week, busy month? Yep. We have all been there! No need to stress about making time to think out a post. When posts are planned in advance, it is easier to keep track of how often posts are done, how they are designed and set up, and that they are consistent. Loomly allows for you to look in a list or calendar view to also see and remember what posts you are scheduling. By being consistent, it creates a level of trust with your clients and consistency is also fantastic for your online visibility.

Loomly Audience Targeting & Post Creation Tools

Loomly allows you to actually customise and target your audience; such as age, demographic, location; helping create a very detailed post for the intended audience. In addition to this, Loomly also has post creation tools; such as free images and GIFs which many social media content planners don’t offer. - once again, further saving time.

Loomly tips, access to comments and messages

Loomly also helps you too! Upon clicking into each calendar, you will find important days of the year (such as World Cancer Day, Public Holidays and Religious Holidays) to help you keep track for post ideas. Loomly will also tell you if your post is not engaging, if your post is not posted on the right time or day, and if it is too long/short of a post. You can also categorise posts which can help you keep organised.

Loomly also offers another feature that many other apps do not; it offers access to see comments as well as messages - which you can also reply to. This means it is an all-in-one platform without having to give team members access to pages manually - only needing the Loomly app.


Many social media apps do not allow for multiple users and an approval process. Loomly allows for multiple users in one account, including clients, where on each post you can ‘assign’ a task (post) to the user for approval. It is very useful, especially if a client wants to see posts before they are published while they get to know your working style.

Affordability and User Friendly

Loomly offers a few plans to suit any budget and business. Loomly is also very user friendly compared to many other platforms, which make it easier for new users to get used to and navigate.

Say goodbye to manual posting and embrace the efficiency of Loomly. Save time by scheduling content in advance and posting simultaneously across multiple platforms. Ensure consistent posting and build trust with your audience. Benefit from Loomly's audience targeting, post creation tools, and access to comments and messages. Collaborate seamlessly with team members and clients. Loomly offers affordability, user-friendliness, and a comprehensive solution for all your social media needs. Let Virtual Support Superstars take it a step further by assisting you with content creation, graphics, or even scheduling on your behalf. Start unlocking your social media success today with Loomly and the expert assistance of Virtual Support Superstars!

Signing off from Georgia, Virtual Support Superstars

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