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Office employee

Virtual Support Superstars offers all the administrative support your company needs. Sole traders who started their business because of their passion for their product or service soon discover that the administration side of the business can take over. Rather than stay up late every night completing the essential paperwork (even if it is digital these days), let VSS work for you. We can do any administrative task you need, saving you the precious time you can spend on tasks you enjoy or tasks that grow your business.


There are many tasks you need to do on a repetitive basis, including:

  • balancing the books,

  • monthly reports,

  • ordering,

  • sending out marketing emails or newsletters to your client database,

  • invoicing clients,

  • creating processes to streamline work and ensure consistency for your clients, and

  • ensuring your business keeps all required paperwork or digital copies for taxation and legal purposes.


Although these tasks are essential to the smooth running of your business, you do not necessarily have to complete the tasks yourself.


VSS can format and create professional documents, reports, and presentations that you need to present to potential clients or investors in your business. We can design and format any document you need for your business.


VSS has a team of support superstars who can work with you to meet all your administrative business needs. Our processes are efficient, and organisation is a vital characteristic of every team member who works with administration. Let us help you with all your administration today. Call to discuss your specific business needs, and our support superstars will solve your administration problems today.

Allied Health Practitioners

Virtual Support Superstars has a special interest in supporting a few key industries. 

One of the industries we always look to support is Allied Health practices and their owners.

From setting up and integrating Practice Management Software to helping run the day to day needs of your clinic.

We believe getting you setup for success is a fundamental part of getting your practice running smoothly and ensuring its data is kept in way to ensure its compliance


Virtual Support Superstars can assist you in revolutionising your practice by ensuring its operational efficiency and elevate the quality of patient care. 

By leveraging your chosen Practice Management Software and its extensive features, Virtual Support Superstars can offer your practice seamless appointment scheduling to robust patient records management and streamlined billing processes that promise to significantly improve your daily workflows. 

Our tailored customisation of your Allied Health needs, coupled with a commitment to data security and regulatory compliance, ensures that whichever Practice Management Software is integrated (Splose, Halaxy, Nookal, Cliniko, or Power Diary), that it aligns perfectly with your practice's requirements. 

Virtual Support Superstars is looking forward to simplifying your life and practice, so what are you waiting for? 

Allied Health software we can implement in your business:
Splose practice management software.png
Halaxy Practice Management Software.jpg
Nookal practice management software.png
Cliniko practice management software.png
Power Diary practice management software.png
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