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When Business Is Slow...

As we all recover from Christmas and the New Year, some find that this can be a quiet time in business. So we have come up with some suggestions to help boost your online presence...

Update old Social Media Posts:

Refresh your content and social platforms for a fresh new look, or book in a Virtual Support Superstars Digital Makeover for a complete audit of your social media platforms.

Create a Popcorn Product:

Create a new, quick and well priced product (think under $50) that your customers have been asking for and sell if for a short period of time.

Send a thank you note to your clients: Everyone loves to be appreciated, so take the time to let your customers know that you appreciate their business.


Refresh your brand and identity with a new logo, add or change your brand colours or rehash your brand vibe and voice. Book a call with Virtual Support Superstars team for a fresh look.

Improve your business plan:

Take a look at where you have come from/where you started, and where your business is heading. Work through your highlights and expand and remove unsuccessful products or services.

Do a management audit:

Take a look at your business and processes and see how you can make improvements.

Attend an event:

Network with like minded entrepreneurs and brainstorm new ideas and see what new trends are developing.

Create or audit your lead magnet:

By improving your opt-in options on your social media platforms and websites with funnels and automations.

If you need help to implement these tasks to get your business moving again, contact the VSS team at

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